What is hi.direkteinreichung?

hi.direkteinreichung is hi.health's payment service for online medical products & services that allows users to pay & submit their medical expenses with private health insurance companies in Germany.

When using hi.direkteinreichung, users can pay & submit their claims to their private health insurance in one simple step as hi.health takes care of submitting their invoice and any additional documents to their insurance.

How does hi.direkteinreichung work?

Merchants add hi.direkteinreichung as an additional payment method to their checkout process.

Users can currently select credit card or direct debit as their preferred payment method during checkout. First time users also create an account with hi.health by providing their insurance information.

For each purchase paid with hi.direkteinreichung, hi.health receives the invoice directly from the online merchant after successful payment. The user can also provide additional documents such as prescriptions.

hi.health will then send documents to the user's health insurance for reimbursement. The user will be notified of each claim sent to their insurance.

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