No Code integration

Simple integration with hi.direkteinreichung


Instead of integrating directly with our API to create order payments as outlined in server integration we also offer a simpler albeit slightly more manual integration process for hi.direkteinreichung in case your shop system is not that trivial to extend.

Prepare payment

When a user wants to make a payment via you forward him to hi.linkzahlung. Depending on your checkout flow you can either directly forward the user from your shop or the user can receive an email with a link to hi.linkzahlung. For this step, any solution that works with your flow is fine as long as you can forward the user to hi.linkzahlung, either directly or with a link the user receives somehow.

On this page the user then has to fill out the order total, merchant reference and upload their invoice. When the user has completed the form they are redirected to hi.direkteinreichung where they can finish the payment process.

hi.linkzahlung URL



hi.linkzahlung also supports prefilling the order total and the merchant reference via query parameters to make it easier for your users.

You can append them directly to the URL in the format:

merchantReference can be a string of up to 40 characters

total can be any number with up to 2 decimal places with either "." or "," as the decimal separator

Transaction status update

Without integration with our API and webhooks we cannot offer realtime transaction status updates. Instead, we send out emails with a payment confirmation after each transaction.

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