Server integration

For a successful checkout via hi.direkteinreichung, the payment first needs to be prepared by your backend, then confirmed by the user, and finally, the invoice for this order will needs to be uploaded to hi.direkteinreichung. This allows us to process the user's reimbursement claim with their insurance.

Prepare payment

When a user is ready to pay, a payment has to be initiated via the hi.direkteinreichung API

  1. On your website's checkout page, you include hi.direkteinreichung in your payment options that you display to end users.

  2. The end user selects hi.direkteinreichung as the payment method on your website's checkout page.

  3. Your website's checkout page sends a request to your server.

  4. Your server creates the payment by sending a request to the payments endpoint of the hi.direkteinreichung API, and receives a token in return. This token contains all the information necessary to complete the payment in an encrypted format.

  5. Your server sends a response to your checkout page with this token.

  6. Your checkout page redirects the user to the Checkout Flow of hi.direkteinreichung with the token in the url in the following format:

Checkout Flow URL



Note: a token can only be consumed one time by one user and can not be reused!

Confirm Payment

Once the user reaches the Checkout, they have to login with their Account or register before they can review and confirm the order.

  1. The end user reaches and creates an account or logs in to an existing account.

  2. After logging in, the end user reviews the payment.

  3. End user confirms the payment in the Checkout Flow.

  4. hi.direkteinreichung Backend will call your server to confirm the payment.

  5. The end user can choose to enter their insurance information if they want to make use of our reimbursement service.

  6. The browser will redirect to your confirmation page.

Upload Invoice

To process the users order for reimbursement we need the invoice for their order.

  1. The invoice is generated by your backend.

  2. The invoice is uploaded to via the UploadInvoice endpoint of the hi.direkteinreichung api.*

  3. The invoice is processed by and sent to the user's insurance for reimbursement.

*There is a payload limit of 10 MB.

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